Luis is a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. However, his love of photography started when his father bought him a Pentax K1000 (which he still owns). This was an excellent camera for him because it taught Luis the basics (aperture setting, shutter speed, composition, etc). His appreciation for his new "hobby" grew so much, that any spare change he had, he would save and buy film. Eventually, Luis saved so much change that with the film he bought came a new camera - a Minolta Maxxum.

Many years later, and many interests later, Luis returned to photography. He got serious and enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography. While studying, Luis moved to Puerto Rico and started working for the AM radio station WPAB 550 as their official photographer. He also worked as a freelance photographer photographing several festivals, rock concerts, social/corporate events, and weddings. His love of nature photography began at this time as well.

In the summer of 2006, Luis moved back to Pennsylvania and in 2007, graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. In October of 2006, he joined the Chester County Camera Club. He has gained valuable information from the photographers who have conducted various workshops and from those photographers he has gone on road trips with. Through his hard work and dedication to better himself, Luis has won many photography awards as a member of the Camera Club. In 2008, he won third place in the Chester County Camera Club's Photograph of the Year competition.

Luis is interested in wedding, portrait, sports, events, and nature photography. He enjoys taking candid shots at all these events for it truly captures the spirit of the event.